Àmì ọ̀pá àṣẹ ilẹ̀ Tsílè

Àmì ọ̀pá àṣẹ ilẹ̀ Tsílè je ti orile-ede Chile.

Coat of arms of the Republic of Chile
Coat of arms of Chile.svg
Lílò26 June 1834
CrestBlue, white, red feathers
TorseAzur, Argent, Gules
EscutcheonParty per fess Azur and Gules a five-pointed star argent.
SupportersA huemul by the left and a condor by the right, both navally crowned.
CompartmentPedestal on th botom, white band with motto on the pedestal.
MottoSpanish: Por la razón o la fuerza
Earlier versions21 October 1820