Ìṣí ojúewé ètò àkọ́kọ́


Introduced 1997
TLD type Country code top-level domain
Status Active
Registry Ascension Island Network Information Centre (run by Internet Computer Bureau)
Sponsor Cable and Wireless (Ascension Island)
Intended use Entities connected with Ilẹ̀ọba Aṣọ̀kanAscension Island
Actual use Various uses, sometimes connected to education and academia; a few sites actually on Ascension Island
Registration restrictions 2nd-level registrant must have professional or academic qualification (apparently not actually enforced); 3rd level registrant must be resident on Ascension Island
Structure Registrations are taken directly at the second level or at third level beneath various 2nd-level labels
Documents Terms & Conditions; Rules
Dispute policies Dispute Resolution Policy
Website NIC.AC