Central Intelligence Agency

(Àtúnjúwe láti CIA)

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) je Ile-ise olofofo ti ijoba orile-ede Amerika.

Central Intelligence Agency
Official Seal of the CIA
Agency overview
Formed September 18, 1947
Preceding agency Central Intelligence Group
Headquarters Langley, McLean, Virginia United States 38°57′06″N 77°08′48″W / 38.951796°N 77.146586°W / 38.951796; -77.146586
Employees Classified[1][2]

20,000 estimated[3]

Annual budget Classified[4][5]

Less than $26.7 billion in 1998[1]

Agency executives Leon Panetta, Director
Stephen Kappes, Deputy Director
Stephanie O`Sullivan, Associate Deputy Director
The entrance of the CIA Headquarters

Itokasi àtúnṣe

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