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{{Infobox Country
|native_name = Bailiwick of Guernsey<br />''Bailliage de Guernesey''
|common_name = Guernsey
|image_flag = Flag of Guernsey.svg
|map_caption = {{map caption|location_color=Dark Green}}
|national_motto =
|national_anthem = "[[God Save the Queen]]" <small>(official)</small><br />"[[Sarnia Cherie]]" <small>(official for occasions when distinguishing anthem required)</small>
|official_languages = [[English language|English]] (predominant)<br />[[French language|French]] (legislative)
|ethnic_groups = predominantly north European
|regional_languages = [[Guernésiais]], [[Sercquiais]] ([[Auregnais]] is now extinct)<ref>''The Language of Auregny'', Le Maistre, Jersey/Alderney 1982</ref>
|sovereignty_type = British [[Crown Dependency]]
|established_event1 = Separation from mainland Normandy...
|established_date1 = <br />1204
|established_event2 = [[Liberation Day|Liberation]]<br />from Nazi Germany
|established_date2 = <br />9 May 1945
|area_rank = 223rd
|area_magnitude = 1 E7