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|name=''Australopithecus africanus''
|image=Mrs Ples.jpg
|image_caption=Original of the Mrs. Ples skull
|species=†'''''A. africanus'''''
|binomial=†''Australopithecus africanus''
|binomial_authority=[[Raymond Dart|Dart]], 1925 <ref name="info"/>
'''''Australopithecus africanus''''' was an early [[Hominidae|hominid]], an [[australopithecine]], who lived between 2–3 million years ago in the [[Pliocene]].<ref>[http://www.mnh.si.edu/anthro/humanorigins/ha/a_tree.html Human Ancestors Hall: Tree]</ref> In common with the older ''[[Australopithecus afarensis]]'', ''A. africanus'' was slenderly built, or gracile, and was thought to have been a direct ancestor of [[modern humans]]. [[Fossil]] remains indicate that ''A. africanus'' was significantly more like modern humans than ''A. afarensis'', with a more human-like [[Human cranium|cranium]] permitting a larger [[brain]] and more humanoid facial features. ''A. africanus'' has been found at only four sites in southern Africa — Taung (1924), Sterkfontein (1935), [[Makapansgat]] (1948) and [[Gladysvale Cave South Africa|Gladysvale]] (1992).<ref name="info">[http://www.archaeologyinfo.com/australopithecusafricanus.htm Australopithecus africanus]</ref>
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