Ìyàtọ̀ láàrin àwọn àtúnyẹ̀wò "Kàríbẹ́ánì"

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| bodyclass = geography
| title = Kàríbẹ́ánì<br /> Caribbean
| image = [[ImageFáìlì:Antillas (orthographic projection).svg|250px]]
| label1 = Size
| data1 = An [[archipelago]], {{convert|4020|km|mi|-1}} in length, and up to {{convert|257|km|mi|0}} wide; region contains more than 7,000 islands, [[islets]], [[reef]]s, and [[cay]]s
| data6 = 13 [[sovereign state]]s; also, 2 [[overseas departments]] and 14 [[dependent territories]], tied to the [[European Union]] or to the [[United States]]
| label7 = [[Largest cities]]
| data7 = [[Havana]]<br />[[Santo Domingo]]<br />[[Port-au-Prince]]<br />[[Kingston, Jamaica|Kingston]]<br />[[San Juan, Puerto Rico|San Juan]]<br />[[Port of Spain]]
| label8 = Internet [[Top-level domain|TLD]]
| data8 = [[List of Internet top-level domains|Multiple]]
| data10 = [[UTC-5]] to [[UTC-4]]
[[ImageFáìlì:Central america (cia).png|thumb|200px|Central America and the Caribbean]]
[[Image:Tectonic plates Caribbean.png|thumb|200px|Detail of tectonic plates from:
[[:Image:Tectonic plates.png|Tectonic plates of the world]]]]
'''Kàríbẹ́ánì'''<ref>Pronounced {{IPA-en|ˌkærɨˈbiːən|}} or {{IPA-en|kəˈrɪbiən|}}. Both pronunciations are equally valid; indeed, they see equal use even within areas of the Caribbean itself. Cf. [[Royal Caribbean]], which stresses the second syllable, and [[Pirates of the Caribbean]], which stresses the first and third. In each case, as a proper noun, those who would normally pronounce it a different way may use the pronunciation associated with the noun when referring to it. More generic nouns such as the [[Caribbean Community]] are generally referred to using the speaker's preferred pronunciation.<br />{{lang-es|Caribe}}; [[Dutch language|Dutch]] {{Audio|Nl-Caraïben.ogg|''Caraïben''}}; {{lang-fr|Caraïbe}} or more commonly ''Antilles''</ref>
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[[gd:A'An ChairibìanRoinn Charaibeach]]
[[gl:Caribe (rexión)]]