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{{Infobox Top level domain|
image=<!-- Deleted image removed: [[Image:Dotus.gif|.us -- America's Internet Address]] -->|
type=[[Country code top-level domain]]|
registry=[[NeuStar Inc.|Neustar]]|
sponsor=[[United States Department of Commerce]]|
intendeduse=Entities connected with {{flag|United States}}|
actualuse=American business use of its own country code top level domain (ccTLD) is fast growing in popularity|
restrictions=U.S. nexus requirement can be enforced by challenge, but seldom is|
structure=Originally registrations were within complex, 3rd or 4th level hierarchy, but currently direct second-level registrations are allowed; '''kids.us''' permits 3rd-level registrations for child-friendly sites|
document=RFC 1480; [http://www.ntia.doc.gov/ntiahome/domainname/usca/ USDoC agreements with Neustar]|
disputepolicy=[http://www.nic.us/policies/docs/usdrp.pdf usTLD Dispute Resolution Policy (usDRP)]|
website=[http://www.nic.us/ nic.us]|}}
'''.us''' je ti orile-ede [[USA|Amerika]]