Ìyàtọ̀ láàrin àwọn àtúnyẹ̀wò "Àmì ọ̀pá àṣẹ ilẹ̀ Kíprù"

Kò sí ìsọníṣókí àtúnṣe
{{Infobox Coat of arms
|name = Coat of arms of Cyprus
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' je ti orile-ede [[Cyprus]].
|image = Cyprus Coat of Arms.svg
|image_width = 200
|middle =
|middle_width =
|middle_caption =
|lesser =
|lesser_width =
|lesser_caption =
|armiger = [[Cyprus|Republic of Cyprus]]
|year_adopted = September 1, 1960
|crest =
|torse =
|shield = Or (specified to be copper-yellow) a dove rising proper in its beak argent an olive branch proper vert; in base, the year "1960" written in Sable. <!----Correct if necessary, this is a hard blazon for an image so simple!--->
|supporters =
|compartment =
|motto =
|orders =
|other_elements = A wreath of olive branches vert surrounds the arms.
|earlier_versions =
|use =
'''Àmì ọ̀pá àṣẹ ilẹ̀ Kíprù''' je ti orile-ede [[Kíprù]].