Ìyàtọ̀ láàrin àwọn àtúnyẹ̀wò "Ibùdó Òfurufú Akáríayé"

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{{Infobox Space station
| station = Ibùdó-ọkọ̀ LófurufúÒfurufú KáríayéAkáríayé<br /> International Space Station
| station_image = ISSpoststs131.jpg
| station_image_alt = A planform view of the ISS backdropped by the limb of the Earth. In view are the station's four large, gold-coloured solar array wings, two on either side of the station, mounted to a central truss structure. Further along the truss are six large, white radiators, three next to each pair of arrays. In between the solar arrays and radiators is a cluster of pressurised modules arranged in an elongated T shape, also attached to the truss. A set of blue solar arrays are mounted to the module at the aft end of the cluster.
'''Ibùdó-ọkọ̀ LófurufúÒfurufú KáríayéAkáríayé''' (''International Space Station''; '''ISS''') je ile iwadi to je ti kariaye [[Assembly of the International Space Station|to n je sisopo]] ni [[low Earth orbit|oju-ona ayipo Aye nisale]]. Won bere si ni ko si oju-ona ayipo ni 1998 eto sini pe yio pari ni opin 2011. Ireti ni pe ibudo oko na yio sise titi di odun 2015, o si se e se ko di 2020.<ref name="Popular Mechanics">{{cite web|url=http://www.popularmechanics.com/science/air_space/4275571.html|title=The Uncertain Future of the International Space Station: Analysis|author=Rand Simberg|date=29 July 2008|accessdate=6 March 2009|publisher=[[Popular Mechanics]]}}</ref><ref name="NewBudget">{{Cite press release|title=Statement by Charlie Bolden, NASA Budget Press Conference|publisher=NASA|date=1 February 2010|url=http://www.nasa.gov/pdf/420994main_2011_Budget_Administrator_Remarks.pdf|accessdate=1 February 2010}}</ref>
Nitoripe ipo re ju [[space station|ibudo ofurufu]] yiowu tele lo, ISS se ri lati [[Earth|Aye]] pelue [[naked eye|oju korokoro]],<ref name="see"/> be si, {{As of|2010|lc=yes}}, ohun ni ateleyin oniseowo titobijulo to n yipo Aye.<ref name="10th">{{cite web|url=http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/station/main/10th_anniversary.html|title=Nations Around the World Mark 10th Anniversary of International Space Station|publisher=NASA|date=17 November 2008|accessdate=6 March 2009}}</ref>
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[[Ẹ̀ka:Ibùdó-ọkọ̀ Lófurufú Káríayé| ]]