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| name = Wikipedia
| logo = [[File:Wikipedia-v2-logo.svg|frameless|150px|alt=A white sphere made of large jigsaw pieces. Letters from many alphabets are shown on the pieces.]]<br />[[File:Wikipedia wordmark.svg|150px|Wikipedia wordmark]]
| logo = [[Fáìlì:Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg|100px]]
| logocaption = The [[logo of Wikipedia]], a globe featuring [[glyph]]s from many different writing systems
| screenshot = [[FáìlìFile:Www.wikipedia.org screenshot.png|border|300px|alt=Wikipedia's multilingualhomepage portalwith showslinks theto project's different languagemany editionslanguages.]]
| collapsible = yes
| caption = Screenshot of Wikipedia's multilingual portal.
| url = http{{URL|https://www.wikipedia.org/}}
| type of organization = [[Nonprofit]]
| location = [[Miami]], [[Florida]]
| type = [[Internet encyclopedia project]]
| language = 240275 active editions (271285 in total)<ref name="ListOfWikipedias" />
| registration = Optional (required only for certain tasks such as editing protected pages, creating pages or uploading files)
| registration = Optional
| owner = [[Wikimedia Foundation]] ([[non-profit]])
| author = [[Jimmy Wales]], [[Larry Sanger]]<ref name="Sidener"/>
| author = [[Jimmy Wales]], [[Larry Sanger]]<!-- Please, please, please [discuss] on talk page before rewriting history. This has been in this article for years. --><ref name=Sidener>{{cite news|url=http://www.signonsandiego.com/uniontrib/20041206/news_mz1b6encyclo.html|author=Jonathan Sidener|title=Everyone's Encyclopedia|work=[[The San Diego Union-Tribune]]|accessdate=2006-10-15}}</ref>
| launch date = {{Start date and years ago|mf=yes|2001|1|15}}
| commercial = No
| alexa = {{Steady}} 6 ({{as of|2012|5|2|alt=May 2012}})<ref name="alexa">{{cite web|url= http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/wikipedia.org |title= Wikipedia.org Site Info | publisher= [[Alexa Internet]] |accessdate= 2012-05-02 }}</ref><!--Updated monthly by OKBot.-->
| alexa = 6<ref name="AlexaStats" />
| current status = Active
| current status = Perpetual work-in-progress<ref>{{cite web |url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Wikipedia_is_a_work_in_progress |title=Wikipedia:Wikipedia is a work in progress |publisher=Wikipedia |accessdate=2008-07-03}}</ref>
| slogan = The freeFree encyclopedia that anyone can edit.Encyclopedia
| content license = {{nobr|[[Creative Commons licenses|Creative Commons Attribution/<br />Share-Alike]] 3.0}} and(most text also dual-licensed under [[GFDL]])<br dual-license/>Media licensing varies
'''Wikipedia''' jé isé owó òpòlopò àwon ènìyàn kâkiríayé láti se [[ìwé ìmò]] tó jé [[òfé]] ni òpòlopò èdè ni òrí [[Internet]] ti [[Wikimedia Foundation]] n se onigbowo.