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| name = Pluto
| symbol = [[Fáìlì:Pluto symbol.svg|25px|Astronomical symbol of Pluto]]
| image = [[Fáìlì:Pluto animiertby LORRI, 8 July 2015 (Color).gifjpg|200px]]
| caption = Plùtò
| caption = Computer-generated map of Pluto from [[Hubble space telescope|Hubble]] images, synthesised true colour<ref group=note>The HST observations were made in two wavelengths, which is insufficient to directly make a true colour image. However, the surface maps at each wavelength do limit the shape of the [[spectrum]] that could be produced by the materials that are potentially on Pluto's surface. These spectra, generated for each resolved point on the surface, are then converted to the [[RGB]] colour values seen here. See Buie et al, 2010.</ref> and among the highest resolutions possible with current technology
| discovery = yes
| discoverer = [[Clyde Tombaugh|Clyde W. Tombaugh]]