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{{Infobox Top level domain
|image=[[Image:Afnic.png|.fr -- AFNIC]]
|type=[[Country code top-level domain]]
|intendeduse=Entities connected with {{flag|France}}
|actualuse=Very popular in France
|restrictions=French presence is required and administrative contact address must be in France; some other restrictions on some of the specific subdomains
|structure=Registrations are taken at the second level or at the third level beneath various second-level subdomains
|document=[http://www.afnic.fr/obtenir/chartes/nommage-fr Registration Agreement]
|disputepolicy=[http://www.afnic.fr/doc/ref/juridique/parl Alternative Dispute Resolutions]
|website=[http://www.afnic.fr/ AFNIC]
'''.fr''' je ti orile-ede [[Fransi]]