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Orúkọ ìránlọṣeSTS-41-B
Space shuttleChallenger
Launch pad39-A
Launch dateFebruary 3, 1984, 13:00:00 UTC
LandingFebruary 11, 1984, 12:15:55 UTC
Kennedy Space Center
Mission duration7d/23:15:55
Number of orbits128
Orbital altitude350 km
Orbital inclination28.5°
Distance traveled5,329,150 km
Crew photo
STS-41-B crew.jpg
L-R: Seated, Vance Brand, Commander, Robert Gibson, Pilot. Standing, L-R: Mission Specialists Robert L. Stewart, Ronald McNair and Bruce McCandless. Stewart and McCandless are wearing extravehicular mobility units (EMU).
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