Àmì ọ̀pá àṣẹ ilẹ̀ Indonésíà

Àmì ọ̀pá àṣẹ ilẹ̀ Indonésíà je ti orile-ede Indonesia.

Garuda Pancasila
National emblem of Indonesia Garuda Pancasila.svg
Ọ̀pá àṣẹRepublic of Indonesia
Lílò11 February 1950
EscutcheonOn the midsection of the Garuda, representing Pancasila, the national ideology
MottoBhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity)
Other elementsThe feathers of the Garuda are arranged to represent the date of 17 August 1945, the day of independence
Use- The great seal of state (e.g. on Republic of Indonesia passports and on state documents)
- The symbol (emblem) of nationhood and national ideology
- Other governmental purposes