.cs je fun opo odun amioro orile-ede top-level domain (ccTLD) fun Czechoslovakia. Sugbon, orile-ede na tuka si Czech Republic ati Slovakia ni 1993, awon orile-ede mejeji yi si gba ccTLDs ti won otooto: .cz ati .sk nitelerawon. Ilo .cs wa dopin die die, o si je pipare patapata ni January 1995.

Introduced ca. 1990
TLD type Country code top-level domain
Status Discontinued
Registry None
Sponsor None
Intended use Entities connected with  Czechoslovakia (originally, until deleted) and later Àdàkọ:SCG (reserved, but never used)
Actual use Was fairly heavily used in Czechoslovakia until discontinued in favor of .cz and .sk; never used while Serbia and Montenegro existed
Registration restrictions No registrations are now taking place
Structure Not in root
Dispute policies None
Website None