Ipinle Iowa je ikan ninu awon ipinle adota ni orile-ede Amerika.

State of Iowa
Flag of Iowa State seal of Iowa
Flag Èdìdí
Ìlàjẹ́: The Hawkeye State (official), The Tall Corn State[1]
Motto(s): Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain.
Map of the United States with Iowa highlighted
Èdè oníibiṣẹ́ English
Orúkọaráàlú Iowan
Olúìlú Des Moines
Ìlú atóbijùlọ Des Moines
Largest metro area Des Moines metropolitan area
Àlà  Ipò 26th ní U.S.
 - Total 56,272 sq mi
(145,743 km2)
 - Width 310 miles (500 km)
 - Length 199 miles (320 km)
 - % water 0.71
 - Latitude 40° 23′ N to 43° 30′ N
 - Longitude 90° 8′ W to 96° 38′ W
Iyeèrò  Ipò 30th ní U.S.
 - Total 3,002,555 (2008 est.)[2]
Density 53.5/sq mi  (20.7/km2)
Ranked 35th in the U.S.
 - Median income  $48,075 (24th)
 - Highest point Hawkeye Point[3]
1,670 ft (509 m)
 - Mean 1,099 ft  (335 m)
 - Lowest point Mississippi River[3] at Keokuk
480 ft (146 m)
Admission to Union  December 28, 1846 (29th)
Gómìnà Kim Reynolds (R)
Ìgbákejì Gómìnà
Legislature {{{Legislature}}}
 - Upper house {{{Upperhouse}}}
 - Lower house {{{Lowerhouse}}}
U.S. Senators Chuck Grassley (R)
Joni Ernst (R)
U.S. House delegation 3 Democrats, 2 Republicans (list)
Time zone Central: UTC-6/DST-5
Abbreviations IA US-IA
Website iowa.gov


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