The Manhattan Project ni oruko amioro fun iseowo to waye nigba Ogun Agbaye Keji lati seda bombu atomu akoko. Orile-ede Amerika lo lewaju iseowo yi pelu ikopa Britani ati Kanada.

Manhattan District
A fiery mushroom cloud lights up the sky.
The Manhattan Project created the first nuclear bombs. The Trinity test is shown.
Ìgbéṣe 1942–1946
Orílẹ̀-èdè  United States
 United Kingdom
Ẹ̀ka United States Army Corps of Engineers
Ibùjokòó Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Àjọ̀dún 13 August 1942
Engagements Allied Invasion of Italy
Allied Invasion of France
Allied Invasion of Germany
Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Allied Occupation of Japan
Disbanded 15 August 1947
Àwọn apàṣẹ
Kenneth Nichols
Shoulder patch that was adopted in 1945 for the Manhattan District
Oval shaped shoulder patch with a deep blue background. At the top is a red circle and blue star, the patch of the Army Service Forces. It is surrounded by a white oval, representing a mushroom cloud. Below it is a white lightening bolt cracking a yellow circle, representing an atom.
Manhattan Project emblem (unofficial)
Circular shaped emblem with the words "Manhattan Project" at the top, and a large "A" in the center with the word "bomb" below it, surmounting the US Army Corps of Engineers' castle emblem

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