Neferirkare Kakai jẹ́ Fáráò ni Ẹ́gípítì Ayéijọ́un.

Neferirkare Kakai
Neferirkara, Neferarkare, Nefercherês
Drawing of a damaged relief showing the profile of a man standing, wearing the royal nemes, his name written in hieroglyphs next to him.
Neferirkare Kakai, originally depicted as prince Ranefer, on a relief from the mortuary complex of his father Sahure. His royal title and regalia were added later during his own reign.[1][2]
Fáráò Ẹ́gíptì
Orí ìjọbaEight, ten, eleven or much less likely twenty years, in the early to mid-25th century BCE.[note 1], 5th Dynasty
SuccessorNeferefre (most likely) or Shepseskare
Àwọn olólùfẹ́Khentkaus II
Àwọn ọmọNeferefre, Nyuserre Ini
likely: Iryenre
uncertain: Khentkaus III
ÌyáMeretnebty (also known as Neferetnebty)
SàárèPyramid of Neferirkare
MonumentsPyramid Ba-Neferirkare
Sun temple Setibre

Itokasi àtúnṣe

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