Ìyàtọ̀ láàrin àwọn àtúnyẹ̀wò "Ẹjọ́ Dreyfus"

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(this was not the bordereau)
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[[File:003 Bordereau recto.jpg|thumb|The bordereau (memorandum) which sparked the Dreyfus affair.]]
'''Ẹjọ́ Dreyfus''' ({{lang-fr|l'affaire Dreyfus}}) je [[political scandal|skanda oloselu]] that divided France in the 1890s and the early 1900s. It involved the conviction for [[treason]] in November 1894 of Captain [[Alfred Dreyfus]], a young French artillery officer of [[History of Jews in Alsace|Alsatian Jewish descent]]. Sentenced to life imprisonment for allegedly having communicated French military secrets to the German Embassy in Paris, Dreyfus was sent to the penal colony at [[Devil's Island]] in [[French Guiana]] and placed in [[solitary confinement]].
[[Ẹ̀ka:Ìtàn ilẹ̀ Fránsì]]