Pope Agapetus II je Poopu Ìjọ Kátólìkì tele.[1]lati ojo Kewa osu Karuun 946(10 May,946) ti o si ku ni 955.[2] Princep ti Rome to je Aberic II lo yan Agapetus II lasiko ti a mo si Saeculum obscurum.[3]

Pope Agapetus II
Papacy began10 May 946
Papacy ended8 November 955
PredecessorMarinus II
SuccessorJohn XII
Personal details
BornRome, Papal States
Died8 November 955
Rome, Papal States
Other Popes named Agapetus


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Pope Agapetus II (died 8 November 955) was Pope from 10 May 946 to his death in 955. A nominee of the Princeps of Rome, Alberic II, his pontificate occurred during the period known as the