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Orúkọ ìránlọṣeSTS-41
Space shuttleDiscovery
Launch pad39-B
Launch dateOctober 6, 1990, 7:47:15 a.m. EDT
LandingOctober 10, 1990, 6:57:18 a.m. PDT, Runway 22, Edwards Air Force Base, Calif.
Mission duration4days 02:10:04
Number of orbits66
Orbital altitude160 nautical miles (296 km)
Orbital inclination28.45 degrees
Distance traveled1,707,445 miles (2,747,866 km)
Crew photo
STS-41 crew.jpg
(L–R): Melnick, Cabana, Akers, Richards, Shepherd are pictured in front of the T-38 jet trainer
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