Orin Soul

(Àtúnjúwe láti Soul music)

Orin Soul ni iru orin to bere wa lati orile-ede Amerika to sedapo awon apilese gospel music ati rhythm and blues.[1]

Stylistic originsRhythm and blues - Gospel - Doo-wop
Cultural originsLate 1950s, United States
Typical instrumentsGuitar - Bass - Piano - Organ -Drums - Horn section - Vocals
Mainstream popularityInternational, 1960s through early 1980s
Derivative formsContemporary R&B - Disco - Funk - Quiet Storm - Brokenbeat
Blue-eyed soul - Brown-eyed soul - Motown Sound - Psychedelic soul - Smooth soul
Fusion genres
Neo soul - Soul blues - Soul jazz - Spoken word soul - Nu jazz
Regional scenes
British soul - Chicago soul - Detroit soul - Memphis soul - New Orleans soul - Northern soul - Philly soul - Southern soul
Other topics
Soul Musicians


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