State of Wyoming
Flag of Wyoming State seal of Wyoming
Flag Seal
Ìlàjẹ́: Equality State (official);
Cowboy State; Big Wyoming
Motto(s): Equal rights
Map of the United States with Wyoming highlighted
Èdè oníibiṣẹ́ English
Orúkọaráàlú Wyomingite
Olúìlú Cheyenne
Ìlú atóbijùlọ Cheyenne
Àlà  Ipò 10th ní U.S.
 - Total 97,818 sq mi
(253,348 km2)
 - Width 280 miles (450 km)
 - Length 360 miles (581 km)
 - % water 0.7
 - Latitude 41°N to 45°N
 - Longitude 104°3'W to 111°3'W
Iyeèrò  Ipò 50th ní U.S.
 - Total 532,668 (2008 est.)[1]
Density 5.4/sq mi  (2.08/km2)
Ranked 49th in the U.S.
 - Highest point Gannett Peak[2]
13,809 ft (4,210 m)
 - Mean 6,700 ft  (2,044 m)
 - Lowest point Belle Fourche River[2]
3,099 ft (945 m)
Admission to Union  July 10, 1890 (44th)
Gómìnà Matt Mead (R)
Ìgbákejì Gómìnà None[3]
Legislature {{{Legislature}}}
 - Upper house {{{Upperhouse}}}
 - Lower house {{{Lowerhouse}}}
U.S. Senators Mike Enzi (R)
John Barrasso (R)
U.S. House delegation Cynthia Lummis (R) (list)
Time zone Mountain: UTC-7/-6
Abbreviations WY US-WY
Website wyoming.gov


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  3. In the event of a vacancy in the office of Governor, the Secretary of State is first in line for succession.