Àdàkọ:Infobox Ipinle Naijiria

{{{state name}}}
State nickname: Unknown
[[Image:|200px|Ibudo {{{state name}}} ni Naijiria]]
[[Image:{{{flag}}}|120px|Flag of {{{state name}}}]]
[[Flag of {{{state name}}}|Flag]]
[[Image:{{{flag}}}|120px|Seal of {{{state name}}}]]
[[Seal of {{{state name}}}|Seal]]
Ọjọ́ Ìdásílẹ̀ {{{date created}}}
Olúìlú {{{capital}}}
Official language English
Agbegbe {{{area}}}km²
Ranked {{{area rank}}} of 36

Current Governor
[[{{{previous governors link}}}|Previous Governors]]
[[{{{governor}}}]] ([[{{{party link}}}|{{{party}}}]])
ISO 3166-2 {{{geocode}}}
Website Unknown


{{Infobox Nigerian States
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|date created = 
|capital = 
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|area rank = 
|population rank = 
|population 1991 = 
|population 2005 = 
|previous governors link = 
|governor = 
|party link = 
|party = 
|senator1 = 
|senator1 party link = 
|senator1 party = 
|senator2 = 
|senator2 party link = 
|senator2 party = 
|senator3 = 
|senator3 party link = 
|senator3 party = 
|house of representatives link =
|geocode = 
|website = 
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