Irin olọ́ksíjìn

Awon irin olọ́ksíjìn (Iron oxides) je adapo kemika ti won ni irin ati oksijin. Lapapo, iye awon irin oloksijin ati oxyhydroxides ti a mo je merindinlogun.[1] The uses of these various oxides and hydroxides are tremendously diverse ranging from pigments in ceramic glaze, to use in thermite.

Iron oxide pigment

Àwon oloksijinÀtúnṣe



  • high-pressure FeOOH
  • schwertmannite (ideally Fe8O8(OH)6(SO)·nH2O or Fe3+16O16(OH,SO4)12-13·10-12H2O)[2]

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