Púẹ́rtò Ríkò

puerto rico
(Àtúnjúwe láti Puerto Rico)

Púẹ́rtò Ríkò[lower-alpha 1] (ede Spein for "Rich Port"), fun ise ijoba bi Kajola ile Puerto Riko (Commonwealth of Puerto Rico) (Spánì: [Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico] error: {{lang}}: text has italic markup (help), lit. "Free Associated State of Puerto Rico")[lower-alpha 2] ati nigbakan bi Porto Riko,[lower-alpha 3][8][9][10] je agbegbe aikorapo ile Orile-ede Amerika to budo si ariwa-ilaorun Omi-okun Karibeani.

Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico
Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
Flag of Puerto Rico
Coat of arms ilẹ̀ Puerto Rico
Coat of arms
Látìnì: Joannes Est Nomen Eius
Spánì: [Juan es su nombre] error: {{lang}}: text has italic markup (help)
English: John is his name
Orin ìyìn: La Borinqueña
Location of Puerto Rico
àti ìlú tótóbijùlọ
San Juan
Àwọn èdè ìṣẹ́ọbaSpanish and English[1]
Àwọn ẹ̀yà ènìyàn
White (mostly Spanish origin) 76.2%, Black 6.9%, Asian 0.3%, Amerindian 0.2%, Mixed 4.4%, other 12%. (2007) [2]
Orúkọ aráàlúPuerto Rican
ÌjọbaRepublic, three-branch government
Joe Biden
• Governor
Pedro Pierluisi
United States Congress
United States [3]
• Cession
December 10, 1898
from Kingdom of Spain
• Total
9,104 km2 (3,515 sq mi) (169th)
• Omi

|u=sq mi |n=square mile |h=square-mile |o=km2 |b=2589988.110336

• Omi (%)
• July 2007 estimate
3,994,259 (127th in the world; 27th in U.S.)
• 2000 census
• Ìdìmọ́ra
438/km2 (1,134.4/sq mi) (21st in the world; 2nd in U.S.)
GDP (PPP)2007 estimate
• Total
$77.4 billion (N/A)
• Per capita
$19,600 (N/A)
OwónínáUnited States dollar (USD)
Ibi àkókòUTC–4 (AST)
• Ìgbà oru (DST)
UTC–4 (No DST)
Àmì tẹlifóònù+1 (spec. +1-787 and +1-939)
ISO 3166 codePR
Internet TLD.pr

Notes àtúnṣe

  1. "Puerto Rico" pronunciations: English /ˌpɔrtə ˈrk/ or /ˌpwɛərtə ˈrk/; Spanish: [ˈpweɾto ˈriko], rural, locally also [ˈpwelto ˈχiko; ˈʀ̥iko].[4]
  2. The Spanish word for commonwealth is typically mancomunidad.
  3. In 1932, the U.S. Congress officially back-corrected the former Anglicization of Porto Rico into the Spanish name Puerto Rico.[5] It had been using the former spelling in its legislative and judicial records since it acquired the territory. Patricia Gherovici states that both "Porto Rico" and "Puerto Rico" were used interchangeably in the news media and documentation before, during, and after the U.S. conquest of the island in 1898. The "Porto" spelling, for instance, was used in the Treaty of Paris, but "Puerto" was used by The New York Times that same year. Nancy Morris clarifies that "a curious oversight in the drafting of the Foraker Act caused the name of the island to be officially misspelled".[6] However, Gervasio Luis Garcia traces the Anglicized spelling to a National Geographic article from 1899, after which the spelling was kept by many agencies and entities because of the ethnic and linguistic pride of the English-speaking citizens of the American mainland.[7]

Itokasi àtúnṣe

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