STS-131 (ISS assembly ifoloke 19A)[4] ni iranlose Oko-alobo Ofurufu to n lo lowolowo, o gbera ni April 5, 2010 lati itele igbera 39A. Iranlose yi n je gbigbelo pelu Ọkọ̀-àlọbọ̀ Òfurufú Discovery.[1]

Àmìyẹ́sí ìránlọṣe
STS-131 patch.png
Statistiki ìránlọṣe
Orúkọ ìránlọṣeSTS-131
Space shuttleDiscovery
Launch pad39A
Launch date5 April 2010 06:21:22 EDT (10:21 UTC)[1][2]
LandingNET 18 April 2010
Mission duration13 days[3]
Number of orbitsTBD
Orbital altitudeInsertion: 122 nautical miles (226 km)
Rendezvous: 185 nautical miles (343 km)
Orbital inclination51.6 degrees
Distance traveledTBD
Crew photo
STS-131 Official Crew Photo.jpg
Seated: James Dutton (left) Alan Poindexter (right), Standing (l-r): Rick Mastracchio, Stephanie Wilson, Dorothy Metcalf-Lindenburger, Naoko Yamazaki (JAXA) and Clayton Anderson
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Ìránlọṣe kíkọjásẹ́yìn Ìránlọṣe kíkànníwájú
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