Ìlú-ọba Brítánì Olókìkí

Ìlú-ọba Brítánì Olókìkí, to tun je mimo si Sisodokan Ilu-oba Britani Olokiki,[1][2] je orile-ede alaselorile ni ariwaiwoorun Europe, to wa lati 1707 titi di 1801.

Ìlú-ọba Brítánì Olókìkí
Kingdom of Great Britain1


Flag Royal coat of arms
Dieu et mon droit
(English: "God and my right")2
God Save the King/Queen
Fáìlì:Kingdom of Great Britian.PNG
Location of Brítánì Olókìkí
Territory of the Kingdom of Great Britain
Capital London
Language(s) English (throughout)

Cornish (Cornwall)
Scots (Scotland)
Scottish Gaelic (Scotland)
Welsh (Wales)
Government Constitutional monarchy
 - 1707–14 Anne
 - 1714–27 George I
 - 1727–60 George II
 - 1760–1801 George III
Prime Minister
 - 1721–42 Robert Walpole
 - 1783–1801 William Pitt the Younger
Legislature Parliament
 - Upper house House of Lords
 - Lower house House of Commons of Great Britain
Historical era 18th century
 - 1707 Union 1 May, 1707
 - 1801 Union 1 January, 1801
 - 1801 230,977 km2 (89,181 sq mi)
 - 1801 est. 16,345,646 
     Density 70.8 /km2  (183.3 /sq mi)
Currency Pound sterling
1Àdàkọ:Lang-sco, Welsh: [Teyrnas Prydain Fawr] error: {{lang}}: text has italic markup (help)
2 The Royal motto used in Scotland was [In My Defens God Me Defend] error: {{lang}}: text has italic markup (help).

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