Ìlú-ọba Brítánì Olókìkí

Ìlú-ọba Brítánì Olókìkí, to tun je mimo si Sisodokan Ilu-oba Britani Olokiki,[1][2] je orile-ede alaselorile ni ariwaiwoorun Europe, to wa lati 1707 titi di 1801.

Ìlú-ọba Brítánì Olókìkí
Kingdom of Great Britain1


Flag Royal coat of arms
Dieu et mon droit
(English: "God and my right")2
God Save the King/Queen
Territory of the Kingdom of Great Britain
Capital London
Language(s) English (throughout)

Cornish (Cornwall)
Scots (Scotland)
Scottish Gaelic (Scotland)
Welsh (Wales)
Government Constitutional monarchy
 - 1707–14 Anne
 - 1714–27 George I
 - 1727–60 George II
 - 1760–1801 George III
Prime Minister
 - 1721–42 Robert Walpole
 - 1783–1801 William Pitt the Younger
Legislature Parliament
 - Upper house House of Lords
 - Lower house House of Commons of Great Britain
Historical era 18th century
 - 1707 Union 1 May, 1707
 - 1801 Union 1 January, 1801
 - 1801 230,977 km2 (89,181 sq mi)
 - 1801 est. 16,345,646 
     Density 70.8 /km2  (183.3 /sq mi)
Currency Pound sterling
1Àdàkọ:Lang-sco, Welsh: [Teyrnas Prydain Fawr] error: {{lang}}: text has italic markup (help)
2 The Royal motto used in Scotland was [In My Defens God Me Defend] error: {{lang}}: text has italic markup (help).


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