Àyọkà yìí jẹ mọ́ nípa the province in South Africa. Fún ìtumọ́ míràn, ẹ wo: Limpopo (ìṣojútùú).

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Coat of arms of Limpopo
Coat of arms
Peace, Unity and Prosperity
Map showing the location of Limpopo in the northern part of South Africa
Location of Limpopo in South Africa
CountrySouth Africa
Established27 April 1994
 • TypeParliamentary system
 • PremierStanley Mathabatha (ANC)
 • LegislatureLimpopo Provincial Legislature
 • Total125,754 km2 (48,554 sq mi)
Area rank5th in South Africa
Highest elevation
2,126 m (6,975 ft)
 • Total5,404,868
 • Estimate 
 • Rank5th in South Africa
 • Density43/km2 (110/sq mi)
 • Density rank5th in South Africa
Population groups
 • Black96.7%
 • White2.6%
 • Indian or Asian0.3%
 • Coloured0.3%
 • Pedi52.9%
 • Tsonga17.0%
 • Venda16.7%
 • Afrikaans2.6%
 • Tswana2.0%
 • Southern Ndebele2.0%
Time zoneUTC+2 (SAST)
ISO 3166 codeZA-LP
HDI (2018)0.705[3]
high · 4th

Limpopo is the northernmost province of South Africa. It is named after the Limpopo River, which forms the province's western and northern borders.[4] The capital and largest city in the province is Polokwane (formerly Pietersburg).

The province was formed from the northern region of Transvaal Province in 1994, and was initially named Northern Transvaal. The following year, it was renamed Northern Province, which remained the name until 2003, when it was formally changed to Limpopo after deliberation by the provincial government and amendment of the South African Constitution. An alternate name considered for the province was Mapungubwe.[citation needed]

Limpopo jẹ́ ọ̀kan nínú àwọn igberiko 9 ní orílẹ̀-èdè Gúúsù Áfíríkà.

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