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Mark Dingemanse. Mostly active on the English Wikipedia. I'm a sysop here, meaning that I'm just facilitating to clean up vandalized articles, delete spam, etc.

Subjects that need articles àtúnṣe

  • Ìwé Ìròhìn, the first Yoruba newspaper
  • ara — Delanọ 1958: ẹran tí ó bo egungun, enia (the meat that covers the skeleton, person).
    body, etc.
  • ojú
    face, eye

Sysop àtúnṣe

I was granted sysop rights. This means that I can help you with administrative tasks such as deleting nonsense articles and blocking vandals from editing. If you were blocked by me and you want to contest this block, you can contact me via the 'email this user' button to the left. If I can help you with something, be sure to let me know on my talk page.

Sysop activities àtúnṣe

Problems on Yoruba Main Page

There is a problem on the Yoruba wkipedia'smain page. One side does not ahow. Could you have a look at it? L.O. Adewole