Àkọ́wá (proton) je owon abeatomu pelu agbára iná alapaotun pelu opo to je ona 1836 ju opo atanná lo. Akowa ati alaigbara ni a mo si abikun, to je pe ona ti a fi tipatipa de won mo inu inuikun atomu ni a mo si ipa atomu (atomic force).

Proton quark structure.svg
The quark structure of the proton.
Classification: Baryon
Composition: 2 up quarks, 1 down quark
Statistical behavior: Fermion
Group: Hadron
Interaction: Gravity, Electromagnetic, Weak, Strong
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Antiparticle: Antiproton
Theorized: William Prout (1815)
Discovered: Ernest Rutherford (1919)
Mass: 1.672621637(83)×10−27 kg
938.272013(23) MeV/c2
1.00727646677(10) u[1]
Mean lifetime: >2.1×1029 years (stable)
Electric charge: +1 e
1.602176487(40)×10−19 C[1]
Charge radius: 0.877 fm[1]
Electric dipole moment: <5.4×10−24 e·cm
Electric polarizability: 1.20(6)×10−3 fm3
Magnetic moment: 2.792847351(28) μN
Magnetic polarizability: 1.9(5)×10−4 fm3
Spin: 12
Isospin: 12
Parity: +1
Condensed: I(JP) = 12(12+)


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