Coordinates: 51°26′1.48″N 0°12′50.63″W / 51.4337444°N 0.2140639°W / 51.4337444; -0.2140639

Ìdíje Wimbledon, tabi lasan bi Wimbledon, ni idije tennis to pejulo lagbaye, ti o je gbigba lotowo awon op eniyan bi eyi to darajulo.[1][2][3][4] O un waye lodoodun ni All England Club ni adugbo Wimbledon ni London lati 1877. O je ikan ninu awon idije tenis Grand Slam merin, awon meta yioku ni Open Australia, Open Fransi ati Open Amerika. Wimbledon ni idije ninla to si unje gbigba lori papa koriko, papa re lati ibere, eyi lo fa oruko lawn tennis wa.

Ìdíje Wimbledon
The Championships, Wimbledon
Official website
IbùdóWimbledon, London Borough of Merton
United Kingdom
PápáThe All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club
Orí pápáGrass / Outdoor (Except Centre Court during rain and consequently bad light when roof is already in play)
Men's draw128S (128Q) / 64D (16Q)note 1
Women's draw128S (96Q) / 64D (16Q)
Mixed draw48D
Ẹ̀bùn owó£14,600,000 ($23,800,000) (€16,600,000)
Grand Slam
2012 Wimbledon Championships


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