Dọ́là ni oruko owonina fun ibise ni opolopo awon orile-ede ile-ijoba bi Australia, New Zealand, Canada, awon agbegbe Eastern Caribbean territories, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Brunei, East Timor, Ecuador, El Salvador, Panama, Belize ati ni Orile-ede Amerika.

Awon orile-ede ti won lo dola lowoloworÀtúnṣe

Countries currently using the dollarÀtúnṣe

Countries Currency ISO 4217 code
  Antigua and Barbuda East Caribbean Dollar XCD
  Australia and its external territories Australian Dollar AUD
  Bahamas Bahamian Dollar BSD
  Barbados Barbados Dollar BBD
  Belize Belize dollar BZD
  Brunei Brunei dollar BND
  Canada Canadian Dollar CAD
  Dominica East Caribbean Dollar XCD
  East Timor United States Dollar USD
  Ecuador United States Dollar USD
  El Salvador United States Dollar USD
  Fiji Fiji Dollar FJD
  Grenada East Caribbean Dollar XCD
  Guyana Guyana Dollar GYD
  Hong Kong Hong Kong Dollar HKD
  Jamaica Jamaican Dollar JMD
  Kiribati Kiribati dollar along with the Australian Dollar N/A/AUD
  Liberia Liberian Dollar LRD
  Marshall Islands United States Dollar USD
  Federated States of Micronesia United States Dollar KWD
  Namibia Namibian Dollar NAD
  Nauru Australian Dollar AUD
  New Zealand and its external territories New Zealand Dollar NZD
  Palau United States Dollar USD
  Saint Kitts and Nevis East Caribbean Dollar XCD
  Saint Lucia East Caribbean Dollar XCD
  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines East Caribbean Dollar XCD
  Singapore Singapore Dollar SGD
  Solomon Islands Solomon Islands Dollar SBD
  Suriname Surinamese dollar SRD
  Taiwan New Taiwan Dollar TWD
  Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago Dollar TTD
  Tuvalu Tuvaluan dollar along with the Australian Dollar TVD/ AUD
  United States and its territories United States Dollar USD
  Zimbabwe United States Dollar[1]

Countries and regions which have previously used the dollarÀtúnṣe

Other territories which currently use the dollarÀtúnṣe

Countries which accept the dollar, but is not their official currencyÀtúnṣe



  1. Alongside Zimbabwean dollar (suspended indefinitely from 12 April 2009), Euro, Pound Sterling, South African rand and Botswana pula. The US Dollar has been adopted as the official currency for all government transactions.
  2. Wojtanik, Andrew (2005). Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Washington, DC: National Geographic Society. pp. 147. 
  3. Alongside Panamanian balboa coins