Ẹkáàbọ̀! àtúnṣe

Ẹpẹ̀lẹ́ o, Deborahjay,ẹkáàbọ̀ sí Yòrùbá Wikipedia!! Adúpẹ́ fún àfikún yín. Mo lérò wípé ẹ nífẹ́ sí kí ẹ wà níbí. Ẹwo àwọn oun tí a ṣètò sí ìsàlẹ̀ yìí bóyá ó lè wúlò fun yín:

Ẹ jọ̀wọ́ ẹ rántí fi òǹtẹ̀ tẹ oun tí ẹ bá kọ sí ọ̀rọ̀ ojú ewé pẹ̀lú igun mẹ́rin (~~~~); èyí máa gbé orúkọ yín àti déètì jáde. Bí ẹ bá ń fẹ́ ìrànlọ́wọ́ ẹ, my talk page, +/-, mo sì máa ràn yín lọ́wọ́, ẹkáàbọ̀! T Cells (talk · contribs · email) 08:33, 31 Oṣù Kẹjọ 2018 (UTC)Reply[ìdáhùn]

Quick Deletion request àtúnṣe

Hi Deborahjay, thanks for your prompt notice on the mistake. I wil appreciate it if the article ilé ié Innoson olùpèsè okò which is not correct could be deleted to prevent redirecting, and I admited I made the typo. Thank you Agbalagba (ọ̀rọ̀) 04:12, 7 Oṣù Kọkànlá 2018 (UTC)Reply[ìdáhùn]

Where have you been? àtúnṣe

I personally missed your productive work here. Hope you are fully back to continue the good work? Greetings from my Lagos home. T CellsTalk 19:22, 16 Oṣù Kẹ̀sán 2019 (UTC)Reply[ìdáhùn]

We are missing you. Where have you been? T CellsTalk 17:17, 16 Oṣù Kejìlá 2019 (UTC)Reply[ìdáhùn]

Dear T, thank you so much for your kind and encouraging messages, and please forgive my late reply. This past year I've unfortunately done much less in all the WP projects while trying to improve my home life, and still hope to find my way back to activity in both. Specifically towards our mutual interest here: most of what I did in the Yoruba WP was alphabetizing biography page names in categories by use of the DEFAULTSORT template - and then in Wikidata I discovered that the proper (but much more time-consuming) way is to create statements there of Given Name and Family Name for each biography item. I started learning the rules with female names in Hebrew because many are also in European languages and I know or can find the alternate spellings. It's a slow process but valuable. I look forward to a fruitful year 2020 for us and all the Wikipedia community. Be well! -- Deborahjay (ọ̀rọ̀) 21:07, 24 Oṣù Kejìlá 2019 (UTC)Reply[ìdáhùn]
Thank you my friend. I am happy you are back. T CellsTalk 14:56, 26 Oṣù Kejìlá 2019 (UTC)Reply[ìdáhùn]

Request about new page àtúnṣe

Please how do I publish the article and make it available online? Unsigned comment by Oníṣe:Olafeelcool2 at 15:42, 27 Oṣù Kejì 2020‎

The new page on Jiopolima is now under construction in a "test box" (Àpótí àdánwò). Let's discuss this on its Talk page. -- Deborahjay (ọ̀rọ̀) 17:36, 27 Oṣù Kejì 2020 (UTC)Reply[ìdáhùn]

List of Yoruba Women in Politics (from en.WP) àtúnṣe

In honor of Women's History Month - here are pages in the Category:Yoruba women in politics in the English-language Wikipedia. Presented here with links in blue and red for the Yoruba WP!

AOyinkansola AbayomiKudirat AbiolaOluranti AdebuleElizabeth AdekogbeMojisola Adekunle-ObasanjoKemi AdeosunMulikat Adeola AkandeJumoke AkindeleTejumade AlakijaHalima Tayo AlaoIyabo AnisulowoAmina Titi Atiku-AbubakarHannah Idowu Dideolu Awolowo

BKemi BadenochBamidele AbiodunGrace Folashade BentKofoworola Bucknor

DAbike Dabiri

EEfunsetan AniwuraWuraola EsanPatricia Etteh

FAbimbola Fashola

GAdenike Grange

JOmobola JohnsonSimi Johnson

KHaja Afsatu Kabba

OOlusola ObadaIyabo Obasanjo-BelloTanimowo OgunlesiOlajumoke Okoya-ThomasLateefat OkunnuFunmilayo OlayinkaOmotayo OduntanYetunde OnanugaAdejoke Orelope-AdefulireEbun Oyagbola

PAlimotu Pelewura

RFunmilayo Ransome-Kuti

SGbemisola Ruqayyah SarakiToyin SarakiFolashade Sherifat JajiRemi SonaiyaSarah Adebisi Sosan

TEfunroye TinubuOluremi Tinubu

WJosephine Oluseyi WilliamsBukky Wright

Of course, other names can be added. If the Yoruba User Group agrees, we can also create a Yoruba WP category for this Wikidata item. -- Deborahjay (ọ̀rọ̀) 20:58, 5 Oṣù Kẹta 2020 (UTC)Reply[ìdáhùn]

Rollback granted àtúnṣe

Hello. Your account has been granted the "Rollback" user right, allowing you fight vandalism on this project. If you do not want this user right, you may ask any administrator to remove it for you at any time. Thanks for your contributions to Yoruba Wikipedia. T CellsTalk 09:30, 9 Oṣù Kẹrin 2020 (UTC)Reply[ìdáhùn]

Wikiversity Yoruba Project àtúnṣe

Ku ojo, mo fẹ pẹ ọ lati darapo mo iranlowo idagbasoke Wikiversity Yoruba bi ọ ṣe duro lati jẹ ki ọ ṣee ṣe fun Wikipedia Yoruba darapo mo ise yi ko le ni aseyori. Fun alaye siwaju beere lọwọ mi ni oju-iwe oro mi tabi lo si oju-ewe ibeere fun ede titun ni ori Meta-Wiki.Tbiw (ọ̀rọ̀) 21:44, 31 Oṣù Kẹjọ 2020 (UTC)Reply[ìdáhùn]

We sent you an e-mail àtúnṣe

Hello Deborahjay,

Really sorry for the inconvenience. This is a gentle note to request that you check your email. We sent you a message titled "The Community Insights survey is coming!". If you have questions, email surveys@wikimedia.org.

You can see my explanation here.

MediaWiki message delivery (ọ̀rọ̀) 18:54, 25 Oṣù Kẹ̀sán 2020 (UTC)Reply[ìdáhùn]

Request writing about Isabelle de Charrière (Q123386) àtúnṣe

Hello Deborahjay, Would you like to write / translate about Isabelle de Charrière (Q123386) for the YO wiki? Her asteroid 9604 Bellevanzuylen (Q268097) is already written for the YO.wiki. That would be appreciated. Boss-well63 (ọ̀rọ̀) 10:32, 23 Oṣù Kẹjọ 2021 (UTC)Reply[ìdáhùn]

Boss-well, thank you for your message. This is a good opportunity to discuss volunteer efforts (yours and mine) on this project. Here are some thoughts:
  • I don't know the Yoruba language, and I only translate into languages in which I'm fluent and have studied.
  • I don't think this topic (the 18th C. European namesake of an asteroid) is a good one for the Yoruba Wikipedia, so not worth the effort even of a Yoruba speaker.
  • The Ẹ̀ka:Àwọn ástẹ́rọ́ìdì has 14,735 pages, each on a single asteroid, each with only one sentence and one (this) category. They were all created in the year 2011 by one user, and evidently never improved. This number is now 44% (!) of the total articles in the Yoruba Wikipedia. I find this problematic.
What is your opinion? What directions can you suggest to proceed? Deborahjay (ọ̀rọ̀) 13:25, 26 Oṣù Kẹjọ 2021 (UTC)Reply[ìdáhùn]